Premium Quality E-Juices Made in Canada. We Will Custom Blend Your E-Juice Order Upon Request.


E-Juice Q & A


Q. What ingredients does E-Cig Plus Canada use in their e-juice?

We use only USP grade Propylene Glycol and USP 99.9% pure Vegetable Glycerin. All flavours are FDA certified for use in food. None of our juices contain Diacetyl, Acetoin, or Acetyl Propionyl. We do not use Alcohol and/or Distilled Water to dilute higher VG Juices.

Q.  Can I customize my e-juice order?

A. Yes you can. If you prefer a specific PG/VG mix, nicotine or flavor level just send us your request on the "Contact Us" form and we will adjust the order to suit your taste.

Q. What is the shelf life of e-juice?

A. Most juices will keep for 18-24 months. When e-juice is exposed to light and air it will start to oxidize the e-juice and the colour of the juice will darken. This does not effect the taste, strength and safety of our e-juice.

Q. What PG/VG mix is your e-juice?

A. We mix our e-juices at 50% PG 50% VG, but we do take requests for customized mixes mixes .

Q.  What is the best way to store my e-juice?
A. E-Juice is quite stable and should be stored in a cool dark place. Keep your e-juice out of reach of children and pets, and locked up when not in use.

Q. What is Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin?

A. Propylene Glycol (PG) is a colourless, nearly odorless, clear viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste that is used to make a stable vaporisable solution. PG is found in many everyday applications like toothpaste, medicines, food colourings and flavourings to name a few. PG is best used for better throat hit. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is used to dilute the nicotine and flavour concentrates to make a stable ‘vaporisable’ solution. These additives are found in many everyday foodstuffs and are extremely safe.


Our E-Juices Contain NO Diacetyl, Acetoin, or Acetyl Propionyl


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Our Standard mix is 50% PG/VG, 18mg Nicotine, Single Flavor.

Our E-Juices are fully customizable to your liking with Variable PG/VG mix, Nicotine Level and Single or Double Flavor Level.  Send us your preference via the "Contact Us" form and we will adjust the order to suit your taste.